Snacks- 0000102405

Kit Kat Chocolate Mini Japanese Umeshu Plum Sake (6 packs x 9 bars)

Maker : Nestle
Weight : 1200g
Nestlé Japan's latest and boldest creation, Sake Flavored Kit Kat have been renewed in this special edition in collaboration with Masuizumi and pro-footballer Hidetoshi Nakata.

This features a sake powder infusion nestled between crispy vanilla wafers all inside a white chocolate cocoon. Smooth, sweet, delicious; you can taste the distinct sake flavor - and, if you eat enough of the 0.4% alcohol snacks, you might be able to feel it too. Everything you expect from Nestlé Japan and the country's signature beverage, known as Nihon-shu in Japan.

This Japanese limited edition comes in a nicely designed bottle-shaped gift box containing 9 unique mini sake KitKats. These KitKats contain small amounts of alcohol.

Contains 9 mini Kit Kat chocolate bars.