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Meiji Juicy Gummy Grape 10 bags

Maker : Meiji
Weight : 600g
Meiji is undoubtedly the gummy master of Japan, introducing new flavors with natural ingredients. With the current collagen craze in Japan, Meiji's 100% fruit juice series continues to be a top seller in the gummy market. Made with 100% fruit juice and no artificial colorings or ingredients, these are filled with collagen -- believed to help slow down the body's natural aging process by smoothing out the wrinkles of the skin, reducing cellulite and even restoring damaged hair. This zip-lock style re-sealable bag contains 2400mg of collagen in a soft, tasty grape gummy. Enjoy this wonderful gummy treat from Meiji!

Syrup, sugar, concentrated grape juice, gelatin, vegetable oils and fats, starch, acidulant, gelling agent (pectin: apple-derived), perfume, brightening agent