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Kanebo Litharge Vonyu hair change treatment Moist 400mL

Maker : Kanebo
Weight : 459g
Kanebo Corporation Product Name Litharge Vonyu hair changing treatment moisuto 400ml
Manufacturer/Brand Name: Litharge
Classification domestic · Cosmetics
Classified kondyisyona-・tori-tomento hair care
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Penetrating repair concentrate. Is it has a sleek finish for your hair treatment.With a moisturizing treatment, but with pasa tend your own hair extremely deep penetration and intense repair.Full of moisture with a sleek, smooth finish to your hair. Relaxed fit with huro-raruuxtudyi scent. [HOW TO USE] Just tap water after shampoo, take an appropriate amount to blend your hair Rinse before use.Hair Damaged From 2,3 minutes up to if you're worried about it, please rinse and effective.