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Kitchen Marche Series - Chocolat Pot by Megahouse

Maker : MegaHouse
Weight : 700g
Target Gender: girl
Recommended age: 8 years and up

Melt chocolate, there is a cute message illustration choco chocolate from the putityoko this "Chocolat" pot "appeared. To Dissolve 2 colors of chocolate at once. Battery operated with a safe temperature setting with confidence and dissolve, so even your child. • Die cut into the tray if finished cool to the melted chocolate. • Using the template, or a morimori before to make your artwork and message in the chocolate chocolate can also. Even tyokofondexyu fondexyusutexikku possible. [Product Details] Chocolat Pot 1 PCs (2 colors), 1 PCs 1 Color Cups, 1 PCs dekotyokotorei, heart tray with cup (fondue stick 2 piece mini spatula, spoon, spoon); 1 PCs, 1 PCs tweezers, 1 illustrated template, 4 die cut tray Use battery: single 3 x 4 this (sold separately)